Once Upon A Time In Space

ONCE UPON A TIME IN SPACE – Red Sage Publishing
by Heather Massey

Length: Novel
ISBN: 9781603106030
Publication Date: March 1, 2011

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In the sea of stars, an epic love story is about to begin…

Earth is dying. Nick Venture, the last living descendant of Christopher Columbus, embarks on a dangerous mission to find a new planet and save humanity. This places him on a collision course with Raquel Donovan, the deadliest space pirate in the galaxy.

Raquel lives for one purpose: revenge against a horrible demon from her past. When an attempt to hijack Nick’s starship backfires, Raquel becomes his protector in order to avoid capture by the tyrannical Space Defense Corps. Nick and Raquel are irresistibly drawn to one another despite the forbidden nature of their attraction. But the conflicted pirate’s deepest secret could tear the couple apart even as humanity’s time runs out….


“The story brings together the best of sci-fi and romance and makes for a very satisfying read. I highly recommend it and would love to revisit this world again with so many larger than life characters left to tell their stories.

My rating for this is a A+”

Words of Wisdom…from the Scarf Princess

“My Rating: 5/5

Pure pleasure of a read written with intense delicacy!”


“Fantastic Sci-fi Romance Erotica!”

Bitten by Paranormal Romance

“The plot is fast paced, and engaging, and for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“I ran the gamut of emotions while reading this book, including sadness – I actually shed tears after reading one scene, and I’m sure you’ll know which if you decide to give it a read!”

J.C. Hart (Goodreads)

“If you love classic space adventure and high seas style pirates you will probably love this book. Once Upon a Time in Space left me with visions of space going galleons, turbulent energy storms, and colorful characters dancing in my head.”

Smart Girls Love SciFi & Paranormal Romance

“A very tasty SciFi romance with just the right mix of adventure and romance. Massey creates a believable future that is gritty and bleak, but also gives it colour by writing a story that’s full of action, hardship, heroics and hope.”

“All in all a great read.”

Pearls Cast Before A McPig