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Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance Writers

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Smart Girls Love SciFi & Paranormal Romance

*Spacefreighters Lounge

Star-Crossed Romance

*The Galaxy Express

*focuses exclusively on sci-fi romance

Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly– A free online magazine. Multiple downloadable formats make it perfect for SFR readers on the go. Features include SFR releases, short stories, opinion columns, reviews, interviews, and more! (In the interest of full disclosure, Heather Massey is a founding member.)

SFR Galaxy Awards – The SFR Galaxy Awards is an annual, multi-award event for science fiction romance books. The goal of this event is to honor a variety of standout stories and help readers connect with more SFR books. The awards go live January 31. (In the interest of full disclosure, Heather Massey is a founding member.)


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LGBQT sci-fi romance posts

Lesbian romance

 2012 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event: Heather Massey: F/F Science Fiction Romance: The New Frontier

2013 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event: Heather Massey on Lesbian Steampunk

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Forthcoming F/F Sci-Fi Romances: KS Augustin’s WAR GAMES and Cathy Pegau’s RULEBREAKER




The Important Contribution of Finnegan H.H. O’Riordan’s SKY PIRATE: SAFE HARBOR



In the Beginning, There Was Kirk/Spock

Dark ‘n’ Gritty Heroes Times Two: Putting the M/M in “Mmmm”

GBLT SF Link City & Free Stories

10 Unknown Sci-Fi Romance Authors You Should Be Reading

If You Like Suzanne Brockmann’s BORN TO DARKNESS…

No Time Like The Present For JL Langley’s MY FAIR CAPTAIN

Steampunk Romance Watch

Steampunk Romance Watch: December 2011

What, No Space Battles?

Sex In Science Fiction Is Only Half The Story

Interview With SOMATESTHESIA Author Ann Somerville & A Giveaway

An Interview With ISLAND OF ICARUS Author Christine Danse

I Can Haz Ann Somerville’s IMPEDIMENTA?

Military Couples In Love Rock My Universe

Romance: Between a Rock and a Hard Place (TGE guest post by FRAGILE BOND author Rhi Etzweiler)

Diane Dooley Interviews K.C. Burn About Sci-Fi Romance ‘N’ Stuff

The Dark & The Gritty, Part I